Welcome to this week's edition of Search Geeks Speak! We're into our third week with the new format and I am thrilled by the response from the public and guests alike. This wee on the show we're getting into the world of keyword research and have some great guests on tap for you.

SEO Podcast - Keyword research

This all started from a post the gals did on SNC about Richard's tool. Being the sadists we are, we decided to have them all on to talk about kw research and of course, the tool in question. It should be a GREAT show as I have a ton of respect for these folks. So without further ado, let's git it going on!

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Welcome to this week's offering of the Regulators; search news with attitude! On the show this week we have Steve, Justin, Terry and of course, yours truly. January's almost gone (cya) and the search world is snuggled up and making lot's of great headlines for us.

SEO Dojo Radio Show Hosts

This week on the show we have more than a few interesting topics to cover including;

  • SEO training/courses - how viable are they?
  • Google ToolBar PR update... ain't it exciting?
  • SEO makes it on TV; not so good tho
  • Tactics to avoid (hmmmm)
  • Google goes after Groupon (again)
  • Study on Google bias... is biased.
  • Matt Cutts on content farms
  • SEJ article says NF links pass PR

And more... so let's get it on!

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If there was one area of SEO that was getting a lot of buzz going into the new year, it's local. After last weeks (innagural) show with Danny Sullivan, we really had to come up with something to follow that... and we did.

Local SEO Panel Podcast

This week on the show we're having a local SEO panel discussion with a few of our favourite voices in the space. Joining us are; Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland (Local SEO Guide) and Darren Shaw (local citation finder). I am quite trilled to not only have these great minds on, but to be talking about such an important topic.

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Welcome to another edition of the Regulators. We have a new logo for this standalone show, whatchat think of it? Seems appropriate no? Hee hee....

SEO Dojo Radio Show Hosts

This week on the show we have the entire cast in house and will be talking our usual brand of trashy talk on a variety of topics including;

  • Search and Social; are the lines really blurred?
  • Is FeedBurner Killing your SEO strategy? (and link wheels)
  • Google on the defensive!
  • Geolocation of Tweets Affects the Rankings
  • Dumbass of the Week;
  • Google Gaming
  • Google Mobile
  • FaceBook is a no-go in Japan
  • Shoot Neil Lennon page on Facebook allowed to remain

And more... so let's get it on!

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Hello and welcome to our newest show here on SEO Dojo Radio; Search Geeks Speak! Essentially we've taken out the interview portion of the old show and created a standalone for it. This gives you the listener more choices and makes it all easier to digest (instead of a 2hr show).

Danny Sullivan Interview

To get things rolling, we're going to hit things off with one of the best known names in search; Danny Sullivan. For those that don't know who he is, erm... wow, where have you been? Danny is well known for his sites such as Search Engine Land and Sphinn, his SMX conference series or even further back, his work on Search Engine Watch.

We will be talking about Sphinn, social signals in search, thoughts for 2011, SMX and much more. So without further ado, hit play and we'll get started.

Next week we will be talking Local SEO with Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland and Darren Shaw. It should be a great session and if you'd like to send in some questions for them, just hit up the contact page (or hit us on twitter; @SEOdojo)

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we’re now doing two shows per week;(details here)  the news and guests. This week Justin wasn’t available so we decided to bring in fellow Canadian, Darren Shaw. It should be a good show as we’ve a bunch of great topics including;

Search Geeks Speak

Next Monday we’ll be starting the new show off in style as we have Danny Sullivan dropping by to talk to us for a bit. There’s a serious line-up of guests for the next while and you really won’t want to miss it.

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Hello and welcome back to SEO Dojo Radio for 2011! We've had a few weeks off and an entire year to catch up on. So, things are bound to run a little over our usual time slot. But you can take it can't ya? Nothing better to do right? Hee hee. Either way, it should be a bunch of fun – let's get it on!

Some topics we're looking at include;

  • No more ignorance in 2011!
  • Google Instant
  • Meta data and microformats
  • Google.me
  • Social Signals
  • Google local/places/mobile
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Google Gaming (Zynga et al)
  • Yahoo's slow death
  • Borker gets busted
  • LDA Fiasco
  • SEO will be dead again!

SEO Dojo Radio New Year's Show

Once more, all the best to you and yours for the year ahead. We're always looking to improve the show and have a wide variety of guests lined up for the near future including Danny Sullivan on next week's show.

Cya in the SERPs!

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