Welcome to another amazing episode of Search Geeks Speak on SEO Dojo Radio! This week Dave and I talk to a favorite of the Dojo... the one and only Bill Slawski! As usual there is always to go over with Bill so what started out as a 1 hr. show ended up being 2 shows.

Beyong the Linkgraph with Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski shares information about the many "graphs" that make up the Google Algo and SERPs. All SEO's are very familiar with the Linkgraph but few are aware that there are many graphs that are used to build different types of Universal, Personalized and the recently added Knowledgegraph SERPs. During the 100th show celebration we discussed some of these graphs. At the time I asked Bill to come back and discuss the various graphs in more detail. In this show Bill discusses, the Concept, Social, Local, Entity and more graphs in a pair of shows that should not be missed!

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This is an 8 minute segment from the show

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