Directors Cut: This is another set of marketing topic excerpts from Bill & Ammon's Bogus Hangout where Terry (a regular) has edited the podcast removing the topics that aren't SEO or internet marketing in nature. Topics included:

  • Recent Ranking Factors Survey
  • Is Google Scholar and the Like Affecting Citation Diversity
  • Google Mission Statement
  • New rel=ugc and sponsored attributes!
  • The Internet as a Sales Tool
  • Business Networks as Toll to Build an SEO Business

The full video:

Highlights from Audio Version

Introductions: Bill Slawski blogs on SEO By the SEA and is Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital and Doc Sheldon owns Search News Central. Terry Van Horne is the webmaster and content director at SEO Dojo Radio and founder of SEO Pros and Steve Gerencser is owner of Steam Driven Media.

00:34 Recent Survey on Ranking Factors: A recent survey of SEOs on Ranking Factors discussed the misinformation contained, the value of these surveys and more.

8:19 Is Google Scholar and the Like Affecting Citation Diversity: Bill started this discussion noting the research report he read indicated that internet resources and references are affecting the diversity in research citations.

12:59 Google Mission Statement: The panel talked about the evolution of the Google mission statement.

15:09 New Rel= attributes: A spirited discussion about the new attributes. Do they really anything more than a suggestion of the webmasters intent?

23:02 The Internet as a Sales Tool: Discussion on the internet as a sales tool.

27:00 Using Business Networks as a Sales Tool: Primarily Steve and Bill discuss their experiences in using business networks to build your business.

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