Directors Cut: This is another set of marketing topic excerpts from Bill & Ammon's Bogus Hangout where Terry (a regular) has edited the podcast removing the topics that aren't SEO or internet marketing in nature. Topics included:

  • Email Spam and Proper Outreach
  • Google and click data – is it a ranking factor?
  • Knowledgebase Trust
  • Correlation is not Causation - the Debate Continues
  • Value of Ranking Reports
  • More EAT Discussion in the Community
  • Discussion on Conferences

The full video:

Highlights from Audio Version

Introductions: Bill Slawski blogs on SEO By the SEA and is Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital and Doc Sheldon owns Search News Central. Terry Van Horne is the webmaster and content director at SEO Dojo Radio and founder of SEO Pros and Steve Gerencser is owner of Steam Driven Media.

00:19 Email Spam and Proper Outreach: Doc started the discussion talking about email spam and phishing which broadened to include tips on proper outreach.

1:58 Google and click data – is it a ranking factor?: The panel discussed David Harrys post. For the most part the panel agreed with David' Harry's post, however, Terry noted that the same data could be part of query analysis where he noted that SERPs can fluctuate radically because of the seasonality of the product and the fact that SERPs become more transactional during the Christmas buying season and the same data may be part of session and query analysis.

11:24 Knowledgebase Trust: Bill on patents Google has but doesn't use in ranking. He mentions and details what knowledgebase Trust as an example of such a patent.

12:31 Correlation is not Causation - the Debate Continues: Doc expresses his amazement to the fact that SEO's continue to mistake correlation for causation. Terry noted that this would not be the first time that Rand Fishkin has made that mistake.

16:31 Value of Ranking Reports: Doc and Terry debate the value of ranking reports.

20:56 More EAT Discussion in the Community: The group discuss EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust) after Steve declares he's tired of the discussion in the community.

23:48 Discussion on Conferences: The group discuss conferences with Steve making the best point that he prefers events like seminars and tradeshows because there are more potential clients attending.


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