Welcome to another episode of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! This week Steve was busy on the Homestead so David, Terry and Justin yakked about Search and social news producing another hour of SEO Dojo Radio goodies.

This week the guys talked about Google new +1; the usual penguin, panda and Google algo update news; how Google sees your website; spam, spam and more spam!!; Moz anaul ranking factor roundup and other goodies.

The Regulators

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David Harry: Dealing with Google Penguin algorithm problems. (a 'definitive' tongue in cheek guide from ME)

Diagnosing; pretty easy. Got shit links? Lost traffic around known date? Congrats. You're the lucky contestant on ‪#‎craphatcomesbacktobiteyouintheass‬

Recovery; Stop being an idiot. If it looks like shit, smells like shit? Probably no need for a taste test. Start nuking. (extra tip; don't let the jackass that built them, work on removal). Then wait for next refresh. If you don't go broke first.

Futureproofing; shit or get off the pot. If you don't have the savvy to marketing in the modern world? Got get a job at the closest factory.... because 'manufacturing' seems to be your thing...

 Anyway... there ya go. No need for any more posts on the topic. I have no written the 'ultimate guide'.

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