Welcome to another episode of Search Geeks Speak on SEO Dojo Radio! Today Dave and Terry are interviewing "the Worlds Greatest SEO" Darren Slatten AKA SEO Mofo on web development and search engine optimization.

The Worlds Greatest SEO Darren Slatten AKA SEO Mofo

During the interview Dave and Terry talked to Darren No Country for Advanced White Hat SEO Specialists. Next they discussed why is it 10x harder to make a living from purely white hat SEO consulting? The interview moved on to where does SEO fit into the (website) development cycle? SEO forstartups: How is it different from SEO for established sites? Dave and Terry went on to ask Darren "If you want to be taken seriously in hacker circles, don't call yourself an SEO. What *do* you call yourself then?" and "WordPress: good or bad for SEO?". Continuing on they discussed competitive analysis discussing when is it useful vs when is it a waste of time? Lastly Terry and Dave wanted to discuss why Matt Cutts wants us to stop blocking Googlebot from accessing our JavaScript and CSS (cite). Good idea or bad idea? Does Google really understand JavaScript? and Risks vs rewards of being a "maverick"--i.e., doing things differently, writing custom code instead of following the beaten path.

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