This Week in Search Anne led off the hangout talking about Yelp. She mentioned using Yelp wifi to increase reviews. The jury is out on that as it has not been in long enough to evaluate it. The group went on to discuss the difference between the number of Yelp reviews in the US and Canada Google results. It seems far fewer are in Canadian results. Tim went on to add that Yelp is in many of his clients knowledge panels, to which, some others added they have the same problem. Tim was able to improve his Yelp visibility with a time consuming audit of Yelp reviews and he was kind enough to share some of the ways he was able to not only remove negative reviews on his clients but also get positive reviews for competitors removed. Steve was bringing on a new SEO client which turned the conversation to using co-occurrence analysis as a way to optimize a page. Terry discussed his method of using the top 10 results for a query as the record set for the analysis. The discussion then turned to using SEMrush to increase visibility and finding new audiences. Terry suggested that using Google Trends is a good way to discover new audiences because it measures interest across many industries. Next Tim discussed putting short videos on client sites. Terry continued the discussion discussing what the plans are for SEO Dojo Radio and how he has used Libsyn as a low cost host and distributor. Terry then went on to describe how a strong content strategy can utilize Video productions can be used for images, slide-shares and videos. Show Notes and Links The panel went on to discuss the Local SEO Ranking Factors post on Terry mentioned that there was some information in the post on Googles guidelines for use of virtual offices that was misleading. Tim went on to discuss the use of the Service Area option which is a way to not disclose address. The panel went on to discuss some thoughts Terry had on changes in the blending of Universal Search results in particular. Next we discussed Building Links in Boring Industries. The consensus was that it comes down to the creativity of the SEO or marketer. Next Terry introduced a Post by Barry Adams Mobile SERP survival: Technical SEO checklist which brings the point home that a responsive design is not necessarily Mobile Friendly. We went on to Related Articles & Internal Linking: Will It Help Your SEO Results? where the consensus was that they can help if the articles are closely related, however, in most cases the choices made by plugins are not the best with the other issue being that often the images are not mobile friendly.

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