This Week in Search Anne started the hangout discussing a Local SEO campaign including a Facebook app which Terry added that he had done it in the past and wished her luck! Bill Slawski went on to discuss an upcoming post on Google Ranking Factors which Bill has since written and it is the best post I've seen on this topic. Bill, Terry and Steve discussed some of these factors in detail. Next, the group discussed Machine Learning, AI and analytics and how these terms are used improperly calling analytics machine learning and vice versa. Doc discussed his new site Mentors on Tap followed by Steve Bonin who talked about the joys of changing themes in WordPress. Steve discussed some local SEO he was doing that had many issues. Tim Colling also discussed a Local SEO project and asked Steve how he was handling reviews. Steve went over several actions and techniques for getting reviews. Terry Suggested SEMrush for actionable data. Terry continued the discussion talking about the new site coming from the SEO Training Dojo Community. SEO Dojo Radio has over 240 shows some are just audio (pre Google+) audio and or videos. Next Terry discussed implementing Event schema and how there is some confusion about the difference between the Event and Events schemas.

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