SEO Dojo Radio The group kicked off with Anne talking about a program she is trying that enables you to leverage video in a marketing campaign. Tim asked about newsletters and if the video program would be worth a look. Bill Slawski joined the group and we discussed Bill's post titled ranking factors. It seems Bill had his snarknado on because after receiving kudos from the group for not including NON BS factors and his sensible approach to implementing SEO to achieve maximum visibility on the post. Bill went on to share his motivation for the post (beyond training material for his employer) and in his feelings about Brian Dean's posts on Rankbrain and Google Ranking Factors. Bill's share started the group down the path to discussing how they choose the content they read. Terry apparently thinks SEJ should be avoided, however, Doc disagreed saying Danny Goodwin (past editor of Search Engine Watch) had improved it substantially. The group went on discussing Rankbrain and in particular how misleading posts tried to share how to optimize for Rankbrain. Eventually the group moved on to "Mobile First" index and crawling and Bill shared some info on what it means and doesn't mean for desktop ranking. Bill also shared that Screaming Frog will crawl larger sites due to a setting to increase memory or store it on disk! It turns out Anne is experiencing issues with gmail where people who were invited to gmail who had a "." in their name were receiving email for people w/o the dot in their name. Terry shared how these sorts of unfixable glitches aren't new and gave 302 hijacking on all Search engines as an example. As the group signed off Terry went on a rant about the new policy by Majestic SEO where accounts that aren't used for 25 days will be deleted if the user doesn't login.

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