Show Notes

The SEO Dojo Radio iTunes app

Google Says "Don't Be Afraid" Of Duplicate Content

Things Eric Schmidt says – JUST MOVE

Zynga patent story and patent filing

Brian's stuff

His internet marketing blog

Brian on SEJ

On Twitter;

On Facebook:

Other Facebook

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iTunes – we’re also now have an iTunes App folks!! Woot hoo! Be sure to check it out here. Has Discount Code for Dojo and extras from the Study Hall at the SEO Training Dojo.

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SEO Dojo Radio Podcast 2010
SEO Dojo Radio WK13 - Search, Social and Jill Whalen too! Change
Written by David Harry   

Hello and good day to my fellow search geeks... I hope all is well with you. This week on the show the entire cast of regulars (which we've come to lovingly call; the Regulators) are in da' house! We've got a few interesting directions lined up including;

  • Bing adds FaceBook integrations
  • Google News; also get's social
  • Ex-Googlers selling SEO – what's up with that?
  • The Reasonable Surfer patent – again?
  • Paramter handling in Webmaster Tools

...and probably a few more, we like to ramble as you know

High Rankings with Jill Whalen

In the second half of the show this week we have one of the Queen's of (legit) SEO with us; Jill Whalen. We are going to be getting to know her better and discussing one of her recent posts on why Google seems to have such a problem dealing with the craptastic SEO methods. All in all, it should be fun. She's definately someone I've long admired.

Jill Whalen

Show Notes;

Bing and Facebook integration

Reasonable surfer – whaddup wid that?

Facebook SEO (again) – REALLY?

Google News adding 'friends'

Ex Googlers selling SEO?

GWT adding parameters handling

Social media numbers are useless


Jill's World

High Rankings Website

SEO Forums

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SEO Dojo Radio 12 - Who's talkin with Joe Hall


Show Notes;

Joe Hall’s; Whos Talkin

Who’s talkin; TalkRank

Latest Google Testing;

Google’s hover over screen grab testing

Maps in Adwords positions

Matt Cutt’s video; Does Google see auto-gen content as a bad thing.

Matt Cutt’s video; Site search operator is just an estimation as suspected

Google Instant Eye tracking Study - Enquiro

More Google Instant Eye Tracking – Essential Travel

Twitter Research Data 

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SEOdojo Radio: Episode 11 featuring Dazzlin' Donna Fontenot


Dazzlin Donna’s Site

Monitor Hacked Files

Google Instant AGAIN?? Yes, we can haz data

New Google SEO Starter Guide - (PDF here)

Google Testing 4 result SERPs

Eric Schimdt says comment about people changing their name was a (bad) joke

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