Welcome to this week's edition of Search Geeks Speak! We're into our third week with the new format and I am thrilled by the response from the public and guests alike. This wee on the show we're getting into the world of keyword research and have some great guests on tap for you.

SEO Podcast - Keyword research

This all started from a post the gals did on SNC about Richard's tool. Being the sadists we are, we decided to have them all on to talk about kw research and of course, the tool in question. It should be a GREAT show as I have a ton of respect for these folks. So without further ado, let's git it going on!

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If there was one area of SEO that was getting a lot of buzz going into the new year, it's local. After last weeks (innagural) show with Danny Sullivan, we really had to come up with something to follow that... and we did.

Local SEO Panel Podcast

This week on the show we're having a local SEO panel discussion with a few of our favourite voices in the space. Joining us are; Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland (Local SEO Guide) and Darren Shaw (local citation finder). I am quite trilled to not only have these great minds on, but to be talking about such an important topic.

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Danny Sullivan Interview


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