Directors Cut: This is another set of marketing topic excerpts from Bill & Ammon's Bogus Hangout where Terry (a regular) has edited the podcast removing the topics that aren't SEO or internet marketing in nature. Topics included:

  • Our Experiences in the Early Days of SEO
  • LSI Keyword Misinformation
  • Hiring an SEO
  • Loyalty on the Web? Not According to Terry!
  • Terry Ranting About Facebook Becoming a Paid Network

The full video:

Highlights from Audio Version

Introductions: Bill Slawski blogs on SEO By the SEA and is Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital and Doc Sheldon owns Search News Central. Terry Van Horne is the webmaster and content director at SEO Dojo Radio and founder of SEO Pros. 00:28 Our Experiences in the Early Days of SEO: Bill started us off talking about how in days past he visited an SEO Forum to start his day and asked the rest of the panel what their experience was with SEO. 2:10 LSI Keyword Misinformation: The panel has discussed misinformation and critical thinking in this and past and will definitely be discussed in future shows. Bill has a major peeve about the term "LSI Keywords" and the misinformation that gurus touting it spread. 4:26 Hiring an SEO: The panel talked about things consumers should look for when hiring an SEO with Terry questioning the industry's "caveat emptor" attitude. 15:35 Loyalty on the Web: Discussion starts off discussing the lack of information many businesses have about critical metrics for their business. Terry added that he felt that loyalty was near non-existent for websites because people shopping online are often using price as an important or prime criteria during a customers product discovery phase. 18:17 Terry Ranting About Facebook Becoming a Paid Network: Terry has yet another rant about how Facebook has Become a Paid Network. This led to a further discussion about how the panelists use other Social Networks.

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