Directors Cut: This is another set of marketing topic excerpts from Bill & Ammon's Bogus Hangout where Terry (a regular) has edited the podcast removing the topics that aren't SEO or internet marketing in nature. Topics included:

  • SERP Out Analysis and History of Universal Search
  • Is EAT a Ranking Factor?
  • Is Google Responsible for the Validity of Facts in Searches?
  • Implementing Keyword Research in 2019
  • LSI Keywords Revisited
  • Using Ontologies & Categories in Keyword Research
  • Natural Language Processing & Voice Search

The full video:

Highlights from Audio Version

Introductions: Bill Slawski blogs on SEO By the SEA and is Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital and Doc Sheldon owns Search News Central. Terry Van Horne is the webmaster and content director at SEO Dojo Radio and founder of SEO Pros and Steve Gerencser is owner of Steam Driven Media.

01:36 SERP Out Analysis and History of Universal Search: Bill got us started us off talking about the recent PubCon he attended. His impressions of some topics filled most of our time. He was surprised that a few presenters were advocating for visiting SERPs to understand them better. Terry mentioned that SERP out analysis has been taught from almost day 1 because of Universal Search. This morphed into a discussion of the history of Universal Search.

08:20 Is EAT a Ranking Factor?Once again EAT was a big topic especially whether it is a ranking factor which the panel found very funny.

18:58 Is Google Responsible for the Validity of Facts in Searches?: Bill had some very interesting views on whether Google has a legal liability for facts in the results. 20:40

Implementing Keyword Research in 2019:Part of the discussion was about an SEO contest winner where most of the copy of the winning page was Lorem Ipsum. Doc was skeptical that the technique would work with client sites, however, both Bill and Terry disagreed saying they had used the exact same techniques and ranked pages saying that because Google no longer uses phrase matching but rather uses words from the top ranking pages unless the competitors have heavy IBL's it is fairly easy to rank pages using just the onpage techniques discussed. This morphed in to very interesting 28 minute discussion that covered several of the topics below.

28:56 LSI Keywords Revisited: Bill bashes the LSI Keyword gurus and tools for their absurd use of the LSI term during the discussion of optimizing the keywords research.

43:46 Using Ontologies & Categories in Keyword Research: Bill discusses using ontologies & categories in keyword research.

48:40 Natural Language Processing & Voice Search: The panel discuss natural language processing in voice search and the role of RankBrain.

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