Aaron Bradley joins Bill Slawski and Terry Van Horne for a discussion on knowledge panels and knowledge graphs that includes:

  1. What is a Knowledge Panel and Knowledge Graph
  2. How to claim a Knowledge Panel
  3. How to Manage Knowlwdge Panels and Information in Knowlwdge Graphs
  4. How to Assess Websites for Knowledge Graphs

Terry Has put together a full reference at Knowledge Panels & Knowledge Graphs and the video with Aaron Bradley

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Lily Ray joined Bill Slawski and Terry Van Horne for a discussion on featured Snippets:

  1. How to get featured snippets
  2. How to manage no click SERPs
  3. How to increase clicks and traffic from featured snippets

Terry Has put together a full reference at Featured Snippets 101: The Basics & SEO Strategies to Maximize Traffic and the video

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In many ways the SEO community for the most part has only embraced the “semantic web” in their search engine optimization implementation in the last 2 years.

To date the tools used by SEOs for implementing schema, entity and concept/topic discovery have been one dimensional and too often writing poorly written code into your page.

If there is a tool that emulates Google’s NLP and analysis of a keyword corpus I have not seen it!

That changed a few weeks ago when I came across InLinks a new tool by Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO fame.

Dixon shared some insights into inlinks.net new tool, the semantic web, Majestic SEO and in a one hour interview with Bill and Terry.

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