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Link Building 2014

To get things rolling it only made sense to touch on the crazy land of link building since Google has been on a bit of a rampage over the last while. And when your talking links, Debra Mastaler and Garrett French also come to mind in a flash.

It was a great session which you view the full video and even a clop we grabbed from the session.

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 From Debra's Slides on Finding Journalists and Influencers:


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Debra Mastaler

Dan Thies


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Welcome to another Episode of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! Dave, Terry, Steve and Justin didn't have a lot of topics beyond the ongoing Google smackdown and a few other announcements in the world of SEO and Social that were worth noting!

The Regulators

This weeks the Regs gabbed about the ongoing Google Over Optimization Penalty; Sergey Brin's Walled Garden Rant; Adwords Removes Misspellings; Google improves Product Rich snippets and Making the Web Work For Brand Marketers and more!

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the Regulators;

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Welcome back to another week of Search Geeks Speak! On this weeks show we will joined for a third time by Garrett French one of the most prolific link prospectors and content strategy professionals out there! If ya' haven't checked out his previous appearance on the show and of course his appearance on the Link Building panel you should!

Terry, Garrett and I talked about a bunch of content strategy topics, the prolific Ontolo link prospecting tools and techniques for prospecting for Relationship Marketing and Content Placement opportunities. So let's get it on....

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t's time for this week's Search Geeks Speak; buckle up! This show is certainly one we've been excited about for quite some time now; the Link Building Panel. I know we have some interesting topics lined up as well as a few questions from the listeners.

Link Building Podcast Guests

And of course when we're talking links, we need to get some heavy hitters in after the amazing Geo / Local SEO panel. No worries, we did just that. This week on the show we'll be talking to Debra Mastaler, Garrett French and Wil Reynolds.

Buckle up, should be a great ride!

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Another fking amazing wk at the Dojo! We even managed to get the Radio show out against all odds. Justin couldn’t make it… he was watching the wee man and just knackered as he builds out his new biz!

Justin would have loved Steve’s new avatar (Steve’s son cleaned up pretty good though!) SEO Dojo Radio got an iTunes app that we’ll be putting a few extras in for ya in the future.

To get things rolling this week the three amigos, Steve, Dave and myself, were yaking it up as always and some goodies on our list this week includes;

  • SEO Bloggers; the good and the bad of the new breed.
  • Is Google Bombing back in style? Did it ever REALLY go away?
  • Yahoo closing all the directories except US?
  • Google Demo Slam; what is it? Who cares?
  • Mashable needs to stop talking search

It should be a lot of fun as I know the gang is in good spirits today


Ontolo’s Garrett French is in da house!

On the second half of the show this week we’re having Garrett French on, who’s a good mate and smart cookie. We’ll obviously be talking about their tool set, but I am also interested in his take on the link building industry at large, what’s the trend, what’s working and more. I am really looking forward to that, it should be some great stuff.

Ontolo's Garrett French interview

Show Notes


iTunes – we’re also now have an iTunes App folks!! Woot hoo! Be sure to check it out here. Has Discount Code for Dojo and extras from the Study Hall at the SEO Training Dojo.

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