Welcome to another "Search Geeks Speak. This week we are doing a panel discussion on Google Plus. The show panelists are Andrew Shotland, AJ Kohn, Eren McKay and SEO Dojo Radio's resident Social Media Consultant Justin parks.

Search Geeks Speak Google Plus panel

The Google Plus panel discussed strategy for adding people to circles; Circles advantages over Facebook; the good and bad of Hangouts, Sparks and Circles. The show has lots of tips to help you with Google Plus.

show topics

Andrew Shotland;
Google Plus

AJ Kohn:
Google Plus

Eren McKay:
Google Plus

Justin Parks:
Google Plus

David Harry: Google Plus
Terry Van Horne:  Google Plus

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Trailer parks, social signals and the Borker gets busted

Welcome to (yet another?) week on SEO Dojo Radio. This week we had so much goodiness on our list we've forgone a guest and will spend the full hour with the regulators. Yea I know, you are just THRILLED by that right? We're the reason you come here I'm sure.

SEO Dojo Radio Hosts

Regardless, it should be an interesting session as we're getting into a ton of stuff including;

  • Marissa Mayer speaks! Latest on local.
  • Trailer Park SEO? Really?
  • Social Signals; the engines speak...sort of.
  • Is structure truly the king of SEO?
  • Google News adds social box
  • Bad Borker gets busted
  • Groupon; an offer they COULD refuse
  • The Around (operator) has always been around

Show Notes;


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Welcome to this weeks edition of SEO Dojo Radio! This week should be a busy one as we've a lot of topics to cover and my good friend Brian Wallace dropping in for the second half of the show. In the first part we'll be looking at a few things including;

  • Social Media metrics – are we metric mad?
  • The case of the crap customer service
  • SEO and social... Dead again.
  • SEO claims Twitter links ranked his site
  • Michael Martinez poo poo's spam reports

Getting social with Brian Wallace

In the second half of the show we've one of my good friends on (yea, it's our show, we get to do that ya know); Brian Wallace. While he started on the usual path, web dev to SEO, he's moved more into the world of social the last few years. So most of this chat will likely diverge from our search theme to social this week.

Brian Wallace interview

Show Notes;

Brian's World

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Hello and welcome to (yet another) edition of SEO Dojo Radio. You keep listening, so we keep talking. Since it's Thanksgiving down States side, a huge thanks to all for tuning in. And to those of you on iTunes, (who can't read this dummy) a big thanks as well since that just continues to grow (more than 200DLs/week now).

The entire cast of regulators are in house today, we're going to me talking smack on a variety of items including;

  • The great indexation debate
  • RDFa or Microformats; which is better?
  • RockMelt – wat's the skinny?
  • Social Signals for Search? Are the peeps onto something?
  • The Jackass 200
  • SEO Is Undead – Bill goes on a tear!

It should a tough one since we've a guest this week and only have a 1/2 show to get into it. Speaking of this week's guest...

Turkey Day Talk with RustyBrick!

In the second half of the show this week we're having one of the folks I most repsect in the industry on; Barry Schwartz (aka Rusty Brick). Known for his tireless reporting on Search Engine Roundtable and Land, Barry brings a wealth of knowledge from his constant reporting on the industry at large.


I will certainly be on my best behaviour for once. Likely one of the first PG rated segments we've had on here.

Show Notes;

Barry's World

Show Hosts;

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just for ThomasWell another week has passed and it's time for that long awaited day (right?). Yes, it's this week's episode of SEO Dojo Radio (cue enthusiastic crowd). This week we have the full compliment as far as the regulators are concerned and we'll be digging into;

  • #$@& Web Designers... nuff said.
  • Google indexing bug
  • Fear not the duplicate content penalty
  • Things Eric Schmidt says
  • Google TV
  • Zynga patent woes

And that's just what's on our list, it tends to wander as you well know ;0)

It's Brian Carter Guy

In the second half of the show this week we have the multi-talented Brian Carter joining us. I've known him for a few years and if you've not heard of him, today's a good day for it.

Brian Carter

He has been at it since 199 9 and worked in SEO, PPC and now social. We've always enjoyed his work over the years, so getting to know him better should be a blast.

Disclaimer; it should be noted that no animals were hurt in the making of this show (this week).

 Show Notes

The SEO Dojo Radio iTunes app

Google Says "Don't Be Afraid" Of Duplicate Content

Things Eric Schmidt says – JUST MOVE

Zynga patent story and patent filing

Brian's stuff


His internet marketing blog

Brian on SEJ

On Twitter;

On Facebook:

Other Facebook

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