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Brian Wallace interview

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Hello and welcome to (yet another) edition of SEO Dojo Radio. You keep listening, so we keep talking. Since it's Thanksgiving down States side, a huge thanks to all for tuning in. And to those of you on iTunes, (who can't read this dummy) a big thanks as well since that just continues to grow (more than 200DLs/week now).

The entire cast of regulators are in house today, we're going to me talking smack on a variety of items including;

  • The great indexation debate
  • RDFa or Microformats; which is better?
  • RockMelt – wat's the skinny?
  • Social Signals for Search? Are the peeps onto something?
  • The Jackass 200
  • SEO Is Undead – Bill goes on a tear!

It should a tough one since we've a guest this week and only have a 1/2 show to get into it. Speaking of this week's guest...

Turkey Day Talk with RustyBrick!

In the second half of the show this week we're having one of the folks I most repsect in the industry on; Barry Schwartz (aka Rusty Brick). Known for his tireless reporting on Search Engine Roundtable and Land, Barry brings a wealth of knowledge from his constant reporting on the industry at large.


I will certainly be on my best behaviour for once. Likely one of the first PG rated segments we've had on here.

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Google Says "Don't Be Afraid" Of Duplicate Content

Things Eric Schmidt says – JUST MOVE

Zynga patent story and patent filing

Brian's stuff

His internet marketing blog

Brian on SEJ

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